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The bicycle: a simple principle with countless designs. Michael Embacher’s fascination with bikes has led him to spend more than a decade compiling what is now one of the finest collections in the world. Some 220 international models from it are coming up for auction on 19 May. Discover a selection below.



ALEX MOULTON One Off Moulton Special
ALEX MOULTON One Off Moulton Special
• an exclusive cooperation between engineer Alex Moulton and One off founder Mike Augspurger
• both met in 1991 and their friendship deepened during cycling trips
• One Off is based in Florence, Massachusetts
• specialized in producing unique, made-to-measure machines
• favouring exotic and expensive titanium
• 500 grams (1.1 lb) lighter than Moulton’s stainless steel AM Speed
• Moulton decided not to proceed the project
• no further versions of this bicycle were built – this is the only known model worldwide
• mudguards are provided


SKOOT INTERNATIONAL LTDSkoot • a suitcase-shaped bike • designed by Vincent Fallon and his son Vaughan • seat, wheels and handlebars can be pulled out of the yellow ‘case’ • cranks need to be attached • the Skoot can be used short distances • weighs a 14.5 kilograms (32 lb) • perfect for travels planes, buses and trains
• a suitcase-shaped bike
• designed by Vincent Fallon and his son Vaughan
• seat, wheels and handlebars can be pulled out of the yellow ‘case’
• cranks need to be attached
• the Skoot can be used short distances
• weighs a 14.5 kilograms (32 lb)
• perfect for travels planes, buses and trains


SCHULZ Funiculo
SCHULZ Funiculo
• bicycle constructor Jacques Schulz was a master innovator
• his frame was promoted in 1937 cycling magazines as a ‘compliant frame’
• the thin tubes of the rear stays are in striking contrast to the heavyweight tubes supporting bike
• the rear wheel’s derailleur with sprockets of up to 40-teeth allowing to climb easily
• the front brake with modern side-pull system is as innovative as effective
• the simple looking rear brake is activated through two cables running inside the frame
• A bicycle pump is stored in the down tube
• 3 Schulz bicycles are still known to exist
• this Funiculo is the only rideable survivor


BIANCHIC-4 project
BIANCHI C-4 project
• Edoardo Bianchi S.p.A was founded in 1885, the world’s oldest bicycle company
• the bike is a collaboration with C-4, founded over one hundred years later by Marco Bonfanti
• a bike with a striking organic shape
• C-4 frames debuted in 1987 at Giro d’Italia
• frames were years ahead of their time
• offering an entire carbon monocoque using a NJC (No Joint Construction) technology
• without a saddle tube
• an adjustable seat pin for all dimensions
• later the concept was also applied to off-road machines
• usually equipped with Campagnolo Record components, though this model are with Shimano Dura-Ace
• frame and disk wheels have been repainted


COLNAGO Brügelmann
• black and gold the perfect match with sporting luxury in Germany
• this special Colnago was sold by Frankfurt bicycle dealers Manfred and Rolf Brügelmann
• marketed under the Brügelmann brand
• Brügelmann opened their shop in 1932
• specialized in mail ordering (‘pioneer of mail ordering bikes’)
• heyday was the 1970s and lasted into the 1990s
• customers could equip bicycles they ordered with high-end parts to produce their own customized versions


• the design of the Trussardi is similar to the military BSA Paratrooper folding bike (Nr. 84)
• in 1983 the fashion house Trussardi took on the design
• dressed up in high fashion detailing
• decorated with plenty of leather
• smart saddlebags double as shoulder bags
• 3,000 of these bicycles have been produced


F. MOSERHour Record Replica
F. MOSER Hour Record Replica
• racing cyclist Francesco Moser won races and broke records on bikes bearing his own name
• his new world one-hour speed record of 51.151 kilometres remained unbeaten for nine years
• after this world record the Austrian racing cyclist Bernhard Rassinger ordered a bicycle built by Moser
• Rassinger was the Austrian State Road Racing Champion in the Tour of Austria
• this Moser bike was owned by Rassinger
• Signed by F. Moser on the front wheel


• created by world famous designer Richard Sapper
• design approach: a bicycle to increase the mobility of city dwellers in conjunction with public transport
• took 10 years of development
• first used at the International Frankfurt Auto Salon for long distances rides
• an expensive lightweight aircraft aluminium frame
• a clean linear form with exquisitely machined parts
• when folded, the triple-gear derailleur sits neatly in the central tube
• everything about the Zoombike speaks quality engineering
• only 60 prototypes were constructed
• never gone into series production
• a design rarity


• Cino Cinelli founded his company in 1947 and became legendary for his innovative ideas
• the Laser captures the increasing interest in aerodynamics in bicycle construction
• more a sculpture than a bike to ride
• it marks the beginning of a new way of thinking
• a prototype was first shown in 1979
• production started in 1983
• its frame is a series of delicate curves
• the tubes are teardrop shaped in cross-section
• every detail speaks of precise, high-quality manufacture
• the tubes have no lugs
• the joints are lined with sheet metal and seams ground down by hand
• Lasers are true collection pieces with extremely high prices
• this model is marked with number 029


LOTUSSport 110
LOTUS Sport 110
• a superbike that marks a genuinely revolutionary moment in bicycle history
• designed by Mike Burrows and the technicians at Lotus
• applying Formula One motor racing engineering practice to a bicycle
• versioning a monocoque frame design that Burrows had been working on since the mid-1980s
• a carbon composite, baked it in an autoclave and hand-finished it to make an extremely lightweight frame
• Chris Boardman raced it to a Gold Medal at the 1992 Olympic Games
• shortly afterwards took the 5,000-metre world speed record
• the Lotus racing models were followed by this ‘street’ version made in small batches
• a highly collectable item


CAPOElite Eis
CAPO Elite Eis
• the Capo Elite ‘Eis’ is a pedal-powered Skidoo
• rear tyre with bolted-in metal spikes
• a skid at the front enables it to be steered
• manufactured in Austria
• CAPO founded by the two professional cyclists Otto and Walter Cap in 1930
• Elite Eis a very rare model
• this model was customized by its previous owner
• Capo was famous for bizarre ideas as the ‘Computer Bike’ (calculating its optimum frame geometry)


SØLLING Pedersen
• invented by Danish blacksmith Mikael Pedersen (1855–1929)
• rethinking the bicycle, focusing on creating a frame that could fit any height
• a flexible saddle, suspended with rubber-coated steel cord between the headstock and two posts beneath the saddle
• Pedersen’s original design dates from 1893
• 1978 the Danish firm Sølling took up the Pedersen
• started in series production
• Jesper Sølling stated that this bicycle is the third which has been built in the 1970ies as prototype after the discovery of the original Pedersen plans


Take a look at the bicyles during auction preview from May 9 to 19, 2015. The auction is on Tuesday, May 19, 2015.

Auction on Tuesday May 19, 2015, 5pm.
Preview starting from May 9,  2015
Palais Dorotheum, Vienna 1010, Dorotheergasse 17

View the catalogue online.


Watch a video that provides you with fresh insights on the Embacher Collection: [provided by OPW Web]



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