Fees and Time Expendigute for Certificates Issued for Jewellery, Precious Stones, and Watches

There is no need for an appointment to have your item evaluated – just visit us during office hours. You will be given a receipt for the valuables you have left with us and will be informed about the minimum time needed and the prospective date of completion.

Today a great variety of materials are used in the jewellery trade; there are synthetic stones as well as imitations of precious stones - stones are treated in various ways; and the number of fake jewellery and watches is increasing. That is why examinations can only be conducted responsibly if the necessary time is granted that allows us to use all instruments and technical methods available in our laboratory.

Being an authorised group of experts, this responsibility is our first priority - as a service to our customers.

The fees charged for issuing certificates and rendering services depend on the type and scope of examinations and consultations. Fees are based on the respective value of items or on the minimum amount of time necessary. We will be pleased to inform you about details personally.

If you consign your jewellery or precious stones for auction, you will be reimbursed your share of evaluation fees after your items have been sold successfully.

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