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62.500 Euro for Prouvé Table at the Dorotheum


Jean Prouvé, table, realized price € 62.460

Ron Arad, “Big Spiral”-Table,
realized price € 61.300

International interest in international design was significant on this, the second day of the major Dorotheum auction week: On 24th November 2009 a rich and varied selection, ranging from early Hoffmann designs to contemporary items, met with an enthusiastic reception by collectors.

The evening's high point was a true classic: a round table of inspired simplicity by the designer-architect Jean Prouvé, who invariably introduces the construction of his designs into the creative process. Bidding for this simple wooden table dating to 1951 reached an excellent 62.460 Euro (Cat. No. 202). The work of Ron Arad was also in great demand with his 1995 "Big Spiral" table, once one of the 38 elements of a long spiralling table at the Fondation Cartier, reached 61.300 Euro (Cat. No. 189). Arad's 1986 Vitra Edition "Well Tempered Chair" rose to 8.750 Euro (Cat. No. 186), his double Rover seat to 9.440 Euro (Cat. No. 185).

Additional highlights included Johanna Grawunder's "Splits" bench, sold for excellent 55.200 Euro to a bidder from Rumania (Cat. No. 196), as well as a modern wardrobe by Luigi Brusotti. Dating to the 1940ies and designed for Fontana Arte, the mirror glass object was purchased by a North American buyer for 30.800 Euro (Cat. No. 7). Austrian design – in particular Carl Auböck – enjoyed a noticeable gain in international interest.