Martin Tardy – Totally Asynchronous!

Large Asynchronous 2… Not so simple…

Have you ever tried drawing a realistic portrait using both hands at the same time, each of them only drawing a single line? This rather unique technique is Martin Tardy‘s specialty, whose picture will be auctioned at Dorotheum on June 28th.

Left or Right?

How about both!

Porträt Gesicht eine Line Martin Tardy
Martin Tardy, Asynchron Groß 2, 2017, estimate € 1,500 – 2,800

Like a thread…

The art of drawing has woven itself through the life of the young artist, Martin Tardy. At the age of around three, he picked up a pencil and hasn’t put it down since!

Tardy came up with the technique while sketching, making it possible to create far more fun and dynamic images.

As the artist struggles with dyslexia, pictorial language has always been an important means of expression for him. What could have been a huge disadvantage was turned into an absolute advantage!


Practice makes perfect?

To create a continuous unbroken line, without getting lost or misjudging the proportions of the figurative form is incredibly challenging! This leads to the constant and exciting creation of new and highly varied drawings.


Art on the net

His creation process is doubly exciting, earning his online videos a “viral” status as well as over 121 thousand Instagram followers. The drawing “Asynchron Groß 2”, which will be auctioned on June 28, is the result of the video with which Tardy went viral, kickstarting his popularity!


Moderne and Contemporary Art
28 June 2018, 5 pm
Palais Dorotheum Vienna


Do you have questions about this unique work of art?

Please contact Rafael Schwarz for more information

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