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Thomas Buttersworth
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Thomas Buttersworth

Thomas Buttersworth

(England 1768-1842) Maritime Painting, signed T. Buttersworth, oil on canvas, 43.5 x 53.5 cm, framed (frame damaged), (W)

Thomas Buttersworth was an English marine painter and father or grandfather of James Edward Buttersworth. Served in the Royal Navy from 1795 to 1800. His known subject matter includes merchant vessels and atmospheric marinescapes, as well as liners near the coast or marine battles, many of them contemporary scenes from England’s naval war with the French and Spanish.
Historical paintings of George IV set in panoramic backgrounds are also recorded. Buttersworth repeatedly painted counterparts. His career in the navy enabled him to realistically portray his ships and made him an expert in observing military events, both of which contributed to his success amongst the knowledgable public.

His artistic execution is in the tradition of the English marine painters Robert Dodd, Thomas Luny and Nicholas Pockock. There are hints of the older English and late 17th century Dutch school in his light and dark effects and the deep horizon. Buttersworth usually depicted moderately choppy seas with ships often under full sail. Significant characteristics of his style include the wide sweeping bodies of water and his love of lighting effects. It is not known when Buttersworth emigrated to America. During the naval wars of 1812 to 1815 between the English and Americans he found himself again documenting battles. In his later works he occasionally painted yachts, his colouring becoming strong and opaque. Buttersworth brought with him to America his European style with its English and Dutch origins, and served as a link between the English and American styles of maritime painting. (Cf. K. G. Saur, Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon, Vol. 15, Munich-Leipzig 1997, p. 386 and 387).

Specialist: Dr. Christl Wolf

Thomas Buttersworth
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