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Cristoforo di Bindoccio and Meo di Pero
Lot No. 51 
Cristoforo di Bindoccio and Meo di Pero

Cristoforo di Bindoccio and Meo di Pero

(documented in Siena 1361–1407), (documented in Siena 1356–1407)
The Madonna and Child,
tempera on gold ground panel, 76.5 x 63 cm, integral frame with pointed top

S. Padovani, ‘An Update of the Catalogue of Cristoforo di Bindoccio and Meo di Pero’, in: Works and Days. Studies of a Thousand Years of European Art Dedicated to Max Seidel, ed. by K. Bergoldt and G. Bonsanti, Venice, 2001, p. 225, ill. 4

Cristoforo di Bindoccio numbered among the leading artists in Siena during the second half of the 14th century. Meo di Pero was his workshop assistant, with whom he collaborated almost exclusively. Art historians have not yet resolve the problem of distinguishing between the hands of these two artists.

Some of their works, for which payments to both artists are documented, have unfortunately not survived; however, the remains of their paintings in the Chapella delle Reliquie of Spedale di Santa Maria della Scala in Siena are signed ‘Hoc opus pinserunt Cristofanus magistri Bindocci et Meus Peri de Senis M.CCC.LXX’ in the vault. The frescoes in the apse of Santa Maria in Campagnatico, which are also signed and dated 1393, give a synopsis of the prolific activity of this workshop, which is known for its homogeneous style (see literature).

In the present composition, the Madonna is rendered as a half-length figure against a gold ground. Her head is inclined towards the Christ Child, whom she holds in her arms. The Child’s right arm is raised in a gesture of blessing, while his left hand holds a scroll inscribed: EGO : SU : LUCE.
The painting is characterised by the figures’ softly modelled and tenderly outlined faces and their porcelain-like complexions, as well as slightly greenish shadows. The cheeks of the Virgin and the Child appear delicately blushed. In terms of style, the painting is comparable to the frescoes in the chapel of Santa Maria della Scala previously mentioned.

The great expressivity, the elegance of the figures, and the naturalistic approach are related to compositions by Pietro Lorenzetti.

Specialist: Mark MacDonnell

Cristoforo di Bindoccio and Meo di Pero
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