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Franciscus Gijsbrechts (Gysbrechts)
Lot No. 47 
Franciscus Gijsbrechts (Gysbrechts)

Franciscus Gijsbrechts (Gysbrechts)

(mentioned in Leiden 1674–1677)
Vanitas still life with a skull, a bow and quiver, a globe, a silver tray and a magnificent vessel,
oil on canvas, 116 x 99 cm, framed

In Lexikon der holländischen Stilllebenmaler im 17. Jahrhundert, the artist’s works are described as follows: ‘The vanitas still lifes by Franciscus Gijsbrechts display books, files, writing utensils, a globe, a skull, clocks, coins, and other metallic objects. The spatial composition resulting from this abundance of objects obscures rather than clarifies space. However, the artist seems to have been more interested in assembling as many magnificent objects or visual symbols of vanitas as possible, than in creating a plausible illusion of depth […]. In terms of style, Gijsbrechts’ vanitas still lifes resemble works by Collier, Vermeulen, and Van der Vinne, all of whom – just like Gijsbrechts – were also active in Leiden.’

Specialist: Damian Brenninkmeyer

Franciscus Gijsbrechts (Gysbrechts)
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Mon.-Fri.: 9.00am - 6.00pm (CET)
+43 1 515 60 200


Old Master Paintings
Date: 21.04.2015, 17:00
Location: Palais Dorotheum Vienna
Exhibition: 11.04. - 21.04.2015

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