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A ”Web/Hive” chair, Michele Oka Doner,
Lot No. 17 
A ”Web/Hive” chair, Michele Oka Doner,
  • A ”Web/Hive” chair, Michele Oka Doner,
  • A ”Web/Hive” chair, Michele Oka Doner,

A ”Web/Hive” chair, Michele Oka Doner,

USA, 1990, cast bronze, height 96 cm, width 47 cm, depth 45 cm, height of seat 44 cm. (DRAX)

A custom-made specimen.

Michele Oka Doner, Art et Industrie, New York, 1990 – Hommage à Diego, Wunderhaus, Munich, 1991

Oka Doner, Art et Industrie, New York 1990, cover illustration with a detail of the chair and an essay by Hilton Als – L. Pozzi, “Amici miei”, in: Giornale dell’Arte, Gennaio 1991, p. 19 – J. Goetz, Moderner Eklektizismus, in: Madame, 2/92, ill. 2 – Playgirl, 1/92, ill.

Wunderhaus, Munich – family ownership Munich/Vienna

Michele Oka Doner’s works are inspired by the world’s natural phenomena. Sea animals, minerals, and the manifold forms of vegetation have been translated into heavy bronze objects that lend her furniture designs an enormous sculptural quality.

“Note for instance the chairs she has been creating. First the ‘natural’ forms used, not in the tradition of any forms that we could identify as belonging to a matriarchal or patriarchal mind, society, or system of thought (Buckminster Fuller, Sonia Delaunay). Or even European necessarily (as in the only sculpture we have been thoroughly schooled in). Rather, Doner works within a particular vanguard: that the grace of nature is the form we follow, by which we live.” (Hilton Als)

“You cannot sit in this chair without attitude.”
(Michele Oka Doner)

A ”Web/Hive” chair, Michele Oka Doner,
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    EUR 24,000 to 34,000
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Design First
Date: 20.06.2017, 17:00
Location: Palais Dorotheum Vienna
Exhibition: 10.06. - 20.06.2017

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