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A “Gesture” couch table,
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A “Gesture” couch table,
  • A “Gesture” couch table,
  • A “Gesture” couch table,
  • A “Gesture” couch table,

A “Gesture” couch table,

designed by Dylan Lewis, bronze, glass, signed and numbered, height 50 cm, 180 x 110 cm. (DRAX)

No. 5 from the limited edition of eight. Dylan Lewis is a sculptor known for his animal bronzes. From his sculptural work, he also developed a small group of objects at the interface between art and design.

“The hand grasps the world it creates. In serving its master, it reflects his being, as if through a mirror, in a thousand and one ways.” (Dylan Lewis)

“As the servant of our bodies and the instrument of our minds, the hand has always been part of our physical and intellectual life; reacting exactly to every tremor of emotion, responding to outside stimuli faster than we can speak. Its story is an index of the story of the human race.” (Walter Sorell, The Story of the Human Hand)

Lewis’ primary inspiration is wilderness. At one level, his bronze sculptures celebrate the power and movement of Africa’s life forms; at another, the textures he creates speak of the continent’s primeval, rugged landscapes and their ancient rhythms. He works intensively from life, filling books with sketches, notes, and drawings. By referring to these in the solitude of his studio, he is able to reproduce the subject’s physical form while exploring its more abstract, deeper meaning. Nurtured by a family of artists and inspired by his mother and grandmother, Dylan Lewis first became a painter, and it was only after the death of his father, well-known sculptor Robin Lewis, that he started to explore sculpture.

A “Gesture” couch table,
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    EUR 40,000 to 60,000
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Design First
Date: 20.06.2017, 17:00
Location: Palais Dorotheum Vienna
Exhibition: 10.06. - 20.06.2017

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