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A ceiling suspension, Heimo Zobernig *,
Lot No. 7 
A ceiling suspension, Heimo Zobernig *,
  • A ceiling suspension, Heimo Zobernig *,
  • A ceiling suspension, Heimo Zobernig *,
  • A ceiling suspension, Heimo Zobernig *,

A ceiling suspension, Heimo Zobernig *,

1994, for the apartment of Kurt Palm, Vienna, black coated aluminium board with an opening for a lamp, 123 x 217 cm, manufactured by Atelier Mathis Esterhazy. (DRAX)

A custom-made object.

This object is registered in Heimo Zobernig’s catalogue raisonné.

The apartment is comprehensively documented in the form of a series of photographs by Margherita Spiluttini preserved at the photographic archives of Architekturzentrum Wien.

Wohnen, 1/1996 – Der Standard, 27 July 1995

apartment of Kurt Palm, 1070 Vienna, No. 7 Faßziehergasse, in situ until 2016

In 1994, Kurt Palm had his apartment redesigned by the architect Karl Meinhart and then also asked the artist Heimo Zobernig to add a conceptual element. Zobernig’s interventions consisted of three minimalistic devices: The globular industrial glass lamp in the living room was coated in yellow. Above the dining area, Zobernig suspended a black aluminium panel with an opening large enough to accommodate the lamp. Light-blue screens brought more light to the bedroom facing the backyard.

“This introduced some accents of colour in the otherwise white architecture and added a new level of meaning: a transcendent spatial triangle that was meant to create a link to the outside.”
(Heimo Zobernig)

Photo: Margeritha Spiluttini, © Architekturzentrum Vienna, collection

A ceiling suspension, Heimo Zobernig *,
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Design First
Date: 20.06.2017, 17:00
Location: Palais Dorotheum Vienna
Exhibition: 10.06. - 20.06.2017

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