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Niccolò Codazzi (Rome 1642 – 1693 Genoa)
Lot No. 764 
Niccolò Codazzi (Rome 1642 – 1693 Genoa)

Niccolò Codazzi (Rome 1642 – 1693 Genoa)

Architectural capriccio with figures, oil on canvas, 144 x 188 cm, framed

We are grateful to Prof David R. Marshall for confirming the authenticity of this work on the basis of a photograph. According to Prof Marshall, this painting is close stylistically to works by Codazzi, executed in the 1670s for the Palazzo Ruspoli in Rome (see D. R. Marshall, Viviano and Niccolò Codazzi, 1993, pp. 403-406, NC 62–64). Niccolò Codazzi was the son of Viviano Codazzi (c. 1606 – 1670), being active in his workshop. His paintings from the 1660s and 1670s in particular are difficult to differentiate from those of his father. Niccolò was supposed also to have been a painter of quadratura, also executing decorations for festivities. Amongst others, he collaborated with staffage painters, Theodor Helmbreker and Jacob de Heusch. In 1681, he applied to enter the French Academy, and was accepted thanks to Charles Lebrun’s influence. At the end of his training, he returned to Italy, in all probability to Rome. In 1684 he rented a house in Zerbino near Genoa. At the time of his death, he was living in Genoa.

Specialist: Mark MacDonnell

Niccolò Codazzi (Rome 1642 – 1693 Genoa)
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