Nineteenth century paintings

The 19th Century Paintings Department is enjoying increasing popularity and significant success, having achieved world record prices and the best auction results in Dorotheum’s history. Artists whose works have garnered such success include Friedrich von Amerling, Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, Olga Wisinger-Florian, and Oswald Achenbach. Attracting both national and international consignments, auctions have commanded top prices for works by Anton Romako, Hans Makart, Marie Egner, Emil Jakob Schindler, Franz von Defregger, Carl Leopold Müller, Hugo Mühlig, Eugen von Blaas, Fausto Zonaro, Giovanni Boldini, Domenico Quaglio, Vittorio Matteo Corcos, Alfred von Wierusz-Kowalski and Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky, amongst others.

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Selected auction results

Osman Hamdi Bey

 € 1,770,300

Carl Theodor von Piloty, Franz Adam

 € 1,540,000

Friedrich von Amerling

 € 1,500,000

Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller

 € 1,320,000


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