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Coins and medals

The selection ranges from ancient coins (Greek, Celtic, Roman Republic, imperial era and Byzantium, etc.), through the Middle Ages (Europe, with a focus on Austria, Bohemia, Hungary, the Orient) and to modern times (with an emphasis on the Holy Roman Empire, Austria, Germany, Bohemia and Moravia, Hungary). Auctions have high-quality individual pieces, but also collections. In addition to coins, medals and plaques (from the Renaissance to the 20th century), paper money, historical securities and numismatic literature are part of the selection of the coin auctions, which are available twice a year. Outlying areas of numismatics are also represented. Through gold purchases, Dorotheum coin department offers the possibility to trade or sell coins and medals at the value of gold (exchange rate). Dorotheum has held coin auctions for more than 200 years. 
Our expert would be pleased to offer you a free, non-binding consultation.

Our experts have studied at the Institute of Numismatics at the University of Vienna and are constantly expanding their knowledge through direct contact with scientific institutions, museums and the international coin trade.

Our specialists are at your disposal for evaluations. This service is free of charge and involves no obligation.


Mon - Fri 10 am - 12 pm
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Current auctions

Auction Date
28.02.2021 - 15:00 28.02.21 - 15:00


26.03.2021 - 15:00 26.03.21 - 15:00
15.03. - 26.03.2021
Abteilung für Briefmarken, Münzen und Orden


26.03.2021 - 15:00
Abteilung für Briefmarken, Münzen und Orden

Selected auction results

Kanada, 1.000.000. Dollars 2007 Maple Leaf

€ 3,270,000

GOLD 15 ducat 1617 Kremnitz

€ 122,000

Leopold I. GOLD 10 ducat 1663 Prague

€ 115,900

Three Emperor Thaler 1590 Joachimstal

€ 53,700