Dorotheum myART MAGAZINE

The Dorotheum myART MAGAZINE was created in 2013. As an art periodical published by the Dorotheum, it is intended to bring the whole gamut of our auction house and its 300 years of history closer to our readers. myART MAGAZINE is a publication for art lovers and collectors issued twice each year, offering portraits of international collectors, reports by Dorotheum experts and international art specialists, city portraits and much more.


The cover stars of the 23rd issue of Dorotheum's myART MAGAZINE, the artists Jakob Lena Knebl and Ashley Hans Scheirl, present themselves in bright green on the cover picture, which shows an installation from their exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. In the interview, they talk about the art of seduction, the grotesque and the humorous, as well as their very personal passion for collecting.

Nature has always been a timeless and powerful muse for artists, just as it is for Dorotheum's spring auctions – and, naturally, for Dorotheum’s myART MAGAZINE as well. This issue features nature-themed works by of Louyse Moillon, Tina Blau and Carl Moll, not to mention Mario Schifano, Francis Picabia and others. Author Kathrin Röggla gives voice to Silene, a natural-mythological figure and plant genus in one, among other things to highlight the plight of endangered fauna. In accord with the season, Dorotheum’s specialists share insights into their favourite gardens, including the historical and quite literally picturesque gardens of the Liebermann Villa.

In addition to background stories on the auction highlights of the first half of 2024, such as an astronomical compendium from the 16th century, dazzling light objects and vibrant canvases by ZERO co-founder Heinz Mack or a remarkable portrait sketch by Francisco de Goya, you can also read about Anja Salomonowitz’s film "Sleeping with a Tiger" about Maria Lassnig and the relationship between fine art, politics and theatre in the work of Milo Rau, the new artistic director of the Wiener Festwochen. Enjoy reading!

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Passion can frequently act as the driving force of change, also in art education and art collecting. The 22nd edition of Dorotheum’s myART MAGAZINE similarly pays tribute to the passion for collecting, as evidenced by our in-depth interview with renowned jeweller Lorenz Bäumer in Paris. Additionally, we introduce a range of private collections coming up for auction in autumn 2023.

Inciting Passion is the theme for this year’s Vienna Art Week. The November festival co-initiated by Dorotheum, puts the spotlight on the current Viennese art scene. The special look at Vienna is also a tradition in myART MAGAZINE. This time, portraits of fashion designer Florentina Leitner and dance performer Florentina Holzinger take you on a journey into current Austrian cultural production.

Find out more about the highlights of the 2023 autumn auctions, such as a rediscovered Raphael drawing, an important painting by Fausto Zonaro, works by Francis Picabia, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Maria Lassnig and many more.

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Internationally acclaimed German actress, Nina Hoss, turns to art to satisfy her need for intensity, humour and experimentation. Dorotheum myART MAGAZINE spoke to the co-star of the six Oscar-nominated film "Tár" to discuss her relationship with visual art, film and acting and about Fritz Lang and the freedom of expression.

Art raises questions, tells stories, and encourages scrutiny: What secrets do the strokes of Alighiero Boetti's ballpoint-shaded paintings hold? What is it that the Venetian woman spies as she peeks over the wall in Eugen von Blaas’s charming painting? The Austrian-Slovenian author Ana Marwan explores this question in a literary response to the work. Lorenz Seidler, aka eSeL, shows the many sides of the Viennese art scene in his photo series. Petra Schäpers, the Director of Dorotheum’s first representative office, set up in Germany in 2003, looks back on 20 years of Dorotheum Düsseldorf.

As always, you will also find points of view, analysis, and background stories on the highlights of the current auctions, including works by Lucio Fontana, François Morellet, Cy Twombly, Hermann Nitsch, Osman Hamdi Bey, Leontine von Littrow, Fede Galizia, Hendrick ter Brugghen and many more.

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Tradition and innovation: myART MAGAZINE turns 10

As the result of a gentle redesign, the anniversary edition of myART MAGAZINE presents itself in a new look. It showcases an exceptional and glamorous cover star who stands for many things that also characterise Dorotheum: Andreas Kronthaler, creative director and husband of fashion icon Vivienne Westwood, embodies the synthesis of tradition and innovation, of a spirit both Austrian and global, of history and the present. In an interview he speaks about his passion as a collector, what he misses about Vienna, and the artists he admires.

Katharina zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, the new Managing Director of Dorotheum Germany, presents the Hanseatic town of Hamburg, where a new Dorotheum branch office will open in November 2022. In addition to a poetic short story by Helena Adler based on Markus Pernhart’s painting ‘Großglockner’, which, by the way, is offered at auction by Dorotheum, interviews with art collectors, and film recommendations by Dorotheum specialists, our twentieth issue once again features the highlights of upcoming auctions: Italian veduta painting with works by Marieschi, Vanvitelli, and Bison, Alfred Zoff’s atmospheric Impressionism, Yoyoi Kusama’s iconic pumpkins, Lucio Fontana’s room-spanning artistic gestures, the Ferrari 365 GT4 that once belonged to Niki Lauda, the watch collection of a motorsports enthusiast, and many other items. 

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Art in sight

The 19th edition focuses on the important Austrian painter Martha Jungwirth, who was awarded the Grand Austrian State Prize in 2021. Hans-Peter Wipplinger, Director of the Leopold Museum, spoke with her about current projects and timeless inspirations. In addition, there are again exciting background stories on the top lots of the upcoming auctions: a rediscovered Titian painting with an extraordinary provenance, outstanding works by Andy Warhol, Antoni Tàpies, Werner Berg as well as jewels, cars and design objects with a significant history. Enjoy!

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The Nature of Art

Tony Cragg is one of the most influential plastic artists of the present day. His spectacular mise-en-scènes of nature and sculpture were staged, among other places, in the Boboli Gardens in Florence in 2019 and in 2021 in a show at the country house of Houghton Hall, Norfolk, which was realised with the support of Dorotheum. In an interview with myART MAGAZINE he talks about inner structures, magic moments, and his approach to nature. The relationship between man and the environment is also an important aspect of Maria Lassnig’s monumental painting ‘Wild Animals Are Endangered’, which reached a dual world record at the auction in June 2021. You are invited to find out more about numerous auction highlights, including an outstanding coastal view by Max Slevogt, one of only a few signed portraits by Frans Pourbus the Younger, court painter to his powerful patron, Vincenzo Gonzaga, or the explosive expressivity of ‘2 drops’, a soft sculpture by Sterling Ruby, who is considered one of the most versatile and groundbreaking contemporary artists. Join the Austrian author Robert Schneider, who will take on a journey into a nineteenth-century Italian painting, and choose from our offering of exquisite bracelets and wrist watches. This and more is what you can expect in the 18th edition of myART MAGAZINE!

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Melody of colors

The spring issue of myART MAGAZINE is all about light and color. The cover star of the issue is star soprano Anna Netrebko, who talks about her life away from the stage and her love of art in an interview with Dorotheum myART MAGAZINE. Speaking of opera: for the first time, costumes from the Vienna State Opera will be auctioned off at the Dorotheum for a good cause. Contemporary artists Imi Knoebel and Heinz Mack deal with the power of color, as do jewelry designers who have devoted themselves to changeable tourmalines. Read further about Vienna-trained fashion shooting star Kenneth Ize and his designs influenced by Nigerian colors and Austrian tailoring, about the important "Totentanz" variant by Albin Egger-Lienz, early designs by Josef Hoffmann, about paintings by Caravaggio's artistic heirs, a stunning portrait by Andy Warhol, the tangerine coloured jewel of the historic Apollo Garage in Vienna and much more.

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Ritual & Staging

To celebrate the 80th anniversary of VALIE EXPORT, myART MAGAZINE hosted a conversation with the pioneer of media art. Read about free spaces and provocation, about collecting and experimenting. Rituals are the theme of this year’s Vienna Art Week, which will be presented with a visit to selected artists’ studios. Ritual plays an important role also in the oeuvre of Günther Uecker, whose central work “Head” will be auctioned at Dorotheum. Find out more about this and other highlights of the upcoming auctions, such as the extraordinary portraits by Chaim Soutine or Eugen von Blaas, theatre and opera designs by Gustav Klimt and Giulio Paolini, genre paintings of the Biedermeier period by Georg Friedrich Waldmüller and Rosalia Amon, the artistic exploration of the Little Ice Age of the late 16th century and much more.

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Mirror Worlds

Anish Kapoor is considered to be one of the most important sculptors of the present day, with his abstract, poetic sculptures incorporating both the position of the viewer and the nature of their surroundings. The same is true of the works in the extensive exhibition sponsored by Dorotheum, which is planned to be held in Houghton Hall in Norfolk, England, this summer/autumn. Read our cover story about the concave-convex mirror worlds of Anish Kapoor and what they have in common with the aesthetics of the Baroque. Learn more about Tamara de Lempicka’s love of the Italian Renaissance, delve into the tulipomania that spread across the Netherlands in the 17th century and explore how Jan Brueghel the Younger saw this phenomenon. Immerse yourself in the history of the successful Rolex brand and let yourself be seduced by the poetry of the drawings created by the Sicily-based artist duo Carla Accardi and Antonio Sanfilippo. All this and much more can be found in the fifteenth issue of Dorotheum’s myART MAGAZINE.

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Full Speed Ahead

What do art and cars have in common? Helmut Marko, former Le Mans winner and Formula 1 driver, current boss at Red Bull Racing and passionate art collector, gives an insight into his passions. His love for art can be seen in the collections which decorate the walls of his art hotels.

In the next 6 months, Dorotheum auctions will satisfy both car enthusiasts and art lovers. Some of the upcoming highlights include a 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL, a previously undiscovered Schiele manuscript, a unique portrait of the Madonna and Child, a collection of Hungarian avant-garde paintings and an equestrian sculpture by Marino Marini.

Flip through the current issue for more background stories, expert tips and collector’s profiles. 

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Art Without Borders

Christian Thielemann, conductor of the Vienna New Year's Concert 2019, music director of the Bayreuth Festival and artistic director of the Easter Festival in Salzburg, is not only inspired by music. In an interview with Dorotheum he shares his inspiration, intuition and his fondness for the topographical. A portrait of Arthur Arbesser reveals the fashion designer’s relationship to fine art. Numerous highlights from our spring auctions will also be presented. Readers will discover works by Guido Cagnacci, Jean Dubuffet, Giacomo Balla, Hans Hartung, Piero Dorazio, Antoon Claeissins, Josef Hoffmann and many more!

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Strong Genders

Joe Fournier is a professional boxer, TV star, multi-millionaire, gym and club owner. He also collects art and shares his experiences in myART MAGAZINE.
Dorotheum‘s experts talk about outstanding paintings, antiques and luxury items from upcoming auctions. Dorotheum supports numerous national and international exhibitions of works by well-known artists, all of which you can read about it in the current myART MAGAZINE. Also featured in the Magazine is an interview with opinion leader, intellectual and world-renowned feminist author, Germaine Greer. She shares her thoughts on the extraordinary auction piece Lucretia, by Artemisia Gentileschi.

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Spring of Art

David Cholmondeley is a high dignitary in the ceremonial of the British Royal Family, an art collector and the owner of Houghton Hall. Considered one of England's most beautiful manor houses, it is currently hosting a Damien Hirst exhibition supported by Dorotheum. In the cover story, Lord Cholmondeley talks about the connection between tradition and modernity, his influential grandmother Sibyl, and key experiences in the world of art.
Works by Lucio Fontana, Egon Schiele, Joseph Hoffmann, Emilio Vedova and Philip Guston will also be presented.

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Selfies, smileys and still-lifes

Elfie Semotan: the driving force behind Helmut Lang's advertising, the photographer of the stars, high fashion, and nature whose camera chronicled "that which escapes the naked eye ..." Our cover story is a chat with this brilliant photographer about selfies, the smiley, still-lifes and boredom as a catalyst of creativity. The city of Vienna - its artists, its nightlife - is central to this tenth issue as well. Plus works by Egon Schiele, Zaha Hadid, Martin Kippenberger, Josef Hoffmann and the CoBrA Group.​

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Discoveries, inventions

He invents bagless vacuum cleaners and bladeless fans and believes in the power of creativity and productive failure ... In our cover story, the world-famous British engineer and designer James Dyson, the mastermind behind the eponymous tech empire, reveals his artistic roots, his predilection for paintings, and the beauty of passenger jets. This issue also explores the inventiveness of the Italian Early Renaissance and the artistic creations of the painters Tano Festa and Turi Simeti. A further highlight: Erwin Wurm and Brigitte Kowanz, Austria's two representatives at the 57th Annual Venice Biennale.

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Out of the chamber of wonders

Looking back to the future in order to create something suprisingly new: that's the maxim of Veronica Etro, creative director of the eponymous womenswear fashion empire. That partly means collecting art. In the cover story, she describes the Etro archive as a chamber of wonders and waxes poetic on the subjects of eclecticism and reimagining paisley. The issue spotlights a range of key Italian figures - including Giacomo Balla, Carla Accardi, and Pier Paolo Calzolari - but also sheds light on subjects such as the French discoverer of Basquiat, a legendary Viennese café, and a breathtaking painting by Chagall.

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Great artists and masterpieces

A work of art himself, Peter Marino, the celebrated architect and interior designer for Dior and Chanel, among others, speaks in our cover story about his passion for collecting against the trend, the magic of the 70s era, and what he learnt from Andy Warhol. The New Yorker gushes over the Wiener Werkstätte, not by coincidence, seeing as we have a later article written about the leading figures of the workshop. There are articles about artists and masterpieces – the works of James Ensor, Richard Pousette-Dart, and Tina Blau, or about the epitome of elegance, the Mercedes-Benz 300 S. For the travelers at heart there are city tips from Naples, and our experts for modern and contemporary art, prints and photography share their own personal ‘discoveries’.

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Art and Art Lovers

Contemporary art makes a prominent focal point of this issue. Current art topics and collectortrends are richly represented alongside stories that effectively demonstrate the diversity of Dorotheum’s own auction categories. The featured items inclume among others exclusive Old Master paintings, a spectacular Shelby Cobra sportscar, works by the rediscovered Sicilian painter Guiseppe Sciuti, as well as a rare and marvelous signed double secretary cabinet by David Roentgen.

The broad spectrum of collectors’ interests are sought reflected in a number of exclusive interviews and portraits: HollywoodstarWhoopi Goldberg mixes popculture freely with royal antiquities and invests only in art that brings joy and a smile to her face. Former art advisor to Yves Saint Laurent, Alain Tarica, is highly passionate about Rococo paintings, while collectors Hedwig van Impeand Remei Giralt discover contemporary currents in Old Master paintings and reflect on their commitment to avant-garde cuisine.

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The diverse nature of collecting

This latest issue of Dorotheum's art magazine focuses on the diverse nature of collecting: German publisher and art collector Angelika Taschen regards collecting as part of interior decoration and design. A Russian art collector who specialises in the Old Masters was invited to a Q&A session. French businessman Jean-Louis Remilleux has transformed his castle into a complete historical artwork. Architect Michael Embacher is a collector dedicated to a most unusual subject: over the years he has created one of the world’s most important bicycle collections.

This issue also includes in-depth articles on Lucio Fontana, Fausto Melotti, Old Master portraits, Ivan Constantinovich Aivazovsky and Walter Pichler’s Galaxy suite. This edition's city portrait is dedicated to Düsseldorf.

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From Verbeeck to Indiana

In this issue: Self-made man and collector Frank Cohen. In our interview, the British collector talks about art, money, pinstripe suits, his London art institution Dairy Art Centre and the “less is more” principle as the epitome of real luxury. Another equally passionate collector is Volker W. Feierabend, who is regarded today as one of the most important patrons of Italian art of the 20th and 21st centuries.
Comprehensive feature articles are devoted to artists such as Paolo Scheggi, Robert Indiana, Frans Verbeeck and Franz Richard Unterberger, as well as Pittura Oggetto and silver treasures of the czar’s court.
Also covered are the highlights of the Dorotheum’s autumn auctions and the programme’s most important events at the annual VIENNA ART WEEK.
This issue also offers portraits of the Dorotheum’s design expert as well as its experts in jewellery and timepieces. The city portrait focuses on Milan this time.

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Contemporary portrait painting between computer pixels and mosaics.

The focus of the third issue of myART MAGAZINE is art star Chuck Close, one of the most famous photorealists in the USA. This passionate collector of Old Masters talks about his love of Dutch art, what computer pixels and mosaics have in common and the magic of painting. 
The Parisian collectors’ couple Héléna and Guy Motais de Narbonne provide some insight into their prominent collection of Old Masters. This edition of myART MAGAZINE features articles about artists such as Emil Jakob Schindler, Lucio Fontana and Carl Auböck, precious rubies and sapphires, a piece on the occasion of the anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo and much more. This issue also offers portraits of the Dorotheum’s experts on modern and contemporary art as well as its expert on silver. A special city portrait is devoted to Brussels.

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Of fashion stars and design artists.

In an interview with myART MAGAZINE, cover star Raf Simons speaks about his passion for mid-century design and contemporary art, curated collections and the value of waiting. The series of artists featured in the second edition of myART MAGAZINE ranges from Guido Reni, Vittorio Matteo Corcos and Friedrich von Amerling to the painters of Aeropittura as well as Gabriele Münter, Ron Arad and Ilya Kabakov. In addition to the highlights of the Dorotheum’s 2013 autumn auctions and a comprehensive feature article about the initiative VIENNA ART WEEK launched by the Dorotheum, this issue also contains a portrait of the art collector Antoine de Galbert and his foundation, “La maison rouge”.
The city portrait now focuses on Paris. The Dorotheum’s representative, Joëlle Thomas, leads us through “her city” and gives a few insider tips. 

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Outstanding premiere: The first issue of Dorotheum’s myART MAGAZIN

Award-winning film director Michael Haneke is the focus of the first issue of the Dorotheum magazine. In an interview for myART MAGAZINE, he talks about the aesthetic value of prize statuettes, the affinity to specific pictures and the role that the Dorotheum played in his life.
In this first issue of the Dorotheum’s magazine, you will also find Dorotheum experts giving interesting background information about their auction lots, city tips from the Dorotheum representatives abroad and features about cultural institutions supported by the Dorotheum as a sponsoring partner, such as the MUMOK, the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the Belvedere.

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