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Terms of Use

The use of (the "Website"), including the use of services offered by us through the Website, is subject to the following Terms of Use ("Terms").

In principle, no fee is payable for the use of the website and services, whereby Dorotheum expressly reserves the right to make changes to this at any time. However, the use of individual, separately marked services may be subject to a charge. In these cases (for example, in the case of catalogue delivery) the fee to be paid when using the service will be listed separately on the website.

1. Special provisions for individual services


myDOROTHEUM enables you, as a registered user of our website, to manage your interests (areas) and purchase orders independently. The use of this service is free of charge and offers you the following functionalities:

• Catalogue: automated email notification as soon as your auction catalogue is online.

• Auction date: automated reminder by email two days before the auction starts.

• Result: we will inform you by email as soon as result lists are online.

• Search service: save your search and we will automatically inform you by email as soon as an item you are looking for is offered in one of our auctions.

Detailed information about our myDOROTHEUM service can be found at

Dorotheum reserves the right to terminate the use of this website or individual parts thereof by individual users at any time and without prior warning, and to cancel, in whole or in part, their registration for the myDOROTHEUM service, insofar as this is necessary for justified reasons such as violations of legal obligations or the Terms of Use.

Registration information:

To be able to use myDOROTHEUM, we need your name, your telephone number, your private postal address (not a PO box) and your email address.

Please note that we cannot accept any liability if our email notifications are identified as “spam” by your provider or your local PC and cannot be delivered correctly.

If the personal information provided by you during registration is changed, we ask you to update the information online immediately.

The user is solely responsible for keeping his or her password safe. Dorotheum accepts no liability arising from the misuse of the password.

We process your personal data for the purpose of conducting our business activities and for marketing purposes. You can find further information at

b. Dorotheum Online Auctions

The use of our Dorotheum Online Auctions service is only permitted after registration and proof of identity via myDOROTHEUM.

To ensure a smooth handling of the (online) bids as well as of administration, we need your name, your telephone number, your private postal address (not a PO box) and email address, as well as proof of identity.

A description of the functionalities of Dorotheum Online Auctions can be found at

The auction conditions applicable to online auctions can be found at

The time indicated online for placing a bid is determined exclusively by the Dorotheum website’s system clock. The bidding time may be changed without prior notice. With online auctions, the bidding time will automatically be moved back when bids are placed within the last 2 minutes before the end of the bidding period.


Dorotheum accepts no liability for damages resulting from your bids not being processed or not processed in time, due to technical issues, and therefore not being taken into account in time or at all, nor do we accept any liability for the failure of Dorotheum’s system time to match the official clock time.

We process your personal data for the purpose of conducting our business activities and for marketing purposes. You can find further information at

c. Dorotheum Online Assessment

The Dorotheum Online Assessment service is available free of charge to private users of our website until further notice.

You can find the Dorotheum Online Assessment contact form at The information to be provided by you (first name, surname, email address, telephone number) can be found on the contact form.

Dorotheum expressly reserves the right not to accept or handle enquiries for assessment, without stating reasons for this. Our Dorotheum Online Assessment takes place exclusively on the basis of your details and the assessment of any photographs of the item sent along with them. We would like to expressly point out that this initial assessment is no substitute for an estimate by our experts and a direct inspection of the item, due to the considerable lack of certainty that cannot be clarified during an assessment from a distance. Accordingly, our liability for the accuracy of the outcome arising from the free Dorotheum Online Assessment is excluded.

We process your personal data for the purpose of conducting our business activities and for marketing purposes. You can find further information at

2. Exclusion from auctions and Internet-based auctions (online auctions)

In addition to its freedom to decide on the admission of a bidder or user and to implement its “house rules”, Dorotheum shall be entitled at its discretion to exclude bidders or users from online auctions or to dismiss individual bids from them, in the event of a violation of Dorotheum’s General Terms and Conditions, of laws, of morality or for other legal reasons, in particular but not only due to doubts about the unrestricted legal capacity of the bidder in or user of online auctions.

3. Exclusion of liability

Dorotheum is not liable for the availability of the website, the completeness, accuracy and timeliness of the information and data available on this website and for the trouble-free functioning of the services offered via the website. In particular, Dorotheum is not responsible for the completeness, accuracy and timeliness of the information provided online relating to auctions and auction items (dates, catalogues, result lists) as well as the search result of the “myDOROTHEUM” service or the functions of “myDOROTHEUM” and online auctions.

Dorotheum offers the free service myDOROTHEUM, which provides information about various events automatically by email to an email address provided by the user of this service. The user themselves bears responsibility if any spam filters installed on their local PC or by their provider prevent the delivery of these email notifications. Dorotheum shall not be liable for any damages suffered by the user as a result of malfunctions of this email notification, in particular in the case of email messages that are not delivered to the user or are delivered with a delay.

4. Copyright

© Copyright 1999 - 2019, Dorotheum GmbH & Co KG, Vienna, Austria

All rights reserved

The elements contained on the site such as text, images, graphics and video files are subject to copyright and intellectual property protection. These elements may not be reproduced or otherwise processed or edited, or transferred into proprietary databases, without the express written consent of Dorotheum.

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