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Dorotheum Online Auctions offer a selection of coins and medals from all over the world. Commemorative coins as well as gold and silver coins from historic currencies are regularly up for auction. Coins are available individually and in sets.

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Disclaimer concerning conditions of Sale and Catalogue Texts:
Conditions of sale, information and catalogue texts in the English, French, Italian or any other languages, as the case may be, are for the sake of convenience only and shall in no way be considered binding.The company is unable to assume any liability for the correctness of translations. In the event of diverging interpretations by interested parties, buyers and the company, the German versions of conditions of sale, information and catalogue texts shall exclusively be authoritative and binding. Equally, any and all amounts stated in foreign currencies in the catalogue as well as on the currency converter shall be deemed to be non-binding indications only. The auction processes will be exclusively conducted in the only currency valid in Austria; Euros.
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