Vintage radios

Detector equipment, radios dating from the early days of radio technology, hi-fi classics and curiosities such as boxed gramophones, antique musical boxes, jukeboxes or disc music boxes, pinball machines and shellacs provide a detailed glimpse into the history and technology of entertainment electronics. The numerous radios, ranging from 1930s radios incorporated into large pieces of furniture through to the colourful portable radios of the ‘Wild Fifties’ are not only consumer products but also decorative vintage items.
Our selection of records is also being expanded as a result of the increasing demand for buying and selling hi-fi at the Dorotheum.
The auctions are held at the Dorotheum’s branch in Vienna’s Favoriten district, 1100 Vienna.  

Our experts are at your disposal for evaluations. This service is free of charge and involves no obligation.

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Erwin Macho
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