Dorotheum Gallery offers a wide selection of art objects, gifts and furnishings. No matter whether you are looking for a painting, porcelain, a piece of furniture, or a small present – the Dorotheum Gallery offers a host of possibilities for you to find something that complies with your individual taste, interest, and budget. The scope of the offer varies, depending on the size of our branch locations. Our specialists and appraisers guarantee that you will get good value for your money. And our competent sales personnel will be pleased to advise you when making your choice!

Lovers of small treasures will find an attractive selection of individual items of private provenance at the Dorotheum Gallery. Even high-value branded articles that have been consigned by private owners, such as Augarten porcelain objects, may change hands here at unrivalled fixed prices.

An exquisite series of gift items made of fine Augarten porcelain and decorated with a red and gold painted pattern inspired by Art Nouveau has been developed especially for the edition of the Dorotheum Gallery and is exclusively available at the Dorotheum’s outlets. 

Also customers looking for unique and original presents will quickly discover suitable items at the Dorotheum Gallery. Our selection of silver gift items for special occasions, including birth and baptism, is particularly large.

Viennese Bronzes – an Austrian tradition! The cute animal figures, exclusively available at the Dorotheum’s outlets, have been produced by hand since 1830. They are enjoyed not only by collectors!

Gottfried Kumpf’s Bronze Figures for the Dorotheum Gallery

Gottfried Kumpf, born 1930 in Annaberg, Salzburg, certainly ranks at the very top of the list of Austria’s most popular artists. This congenial artist developed the basic forms of his pictorial elements –cute-looking people and animals, as well as landscapes - from the drawings he did as a child and has thus painted himself into our hearts. Gottfried Kumpf gained worldwide popularity for his typical bronze sculptures. In 2004 Kumpf created the first three bronze figures – the cat David Junior, a Barbary lion, and a small guardian angel – for the edition of the Dorotheum Gallery. They were followed in 2005 by the series of the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac in bronze. In 2006 Gottfried Kumpf designed the elephants Sabi and Abu Junior, as well as the slumbering dog Siesta and a Sleepy Cat. What all of these small sculptures, which have been issued in limited series, have in common is that they became well-beloved and much-coveted collectibles over night. The “Barbary lion”, of which 199 pieces were produced, was sold out within a short period of time. All the other bronze figures will be available until the limits of their editions have been reached.