Dorotheum Jeweller's is distinguished by its outstanding, uniquely diverse and comprehensive selection, the proven expertise and know-
how of a renowned institution, and the fact that it offers excellent value for money.

Dorotheum Jeweller Exclusive

The ordinary gives the world its existence,
the extraordinary its value.

Oscar Wilde

Jewellery design for the most discerning tastes! Fabulous items of jewellery bearing the individual touch of international designers and made exclusively for Dorotheum Jeweller's. Each item is handmade with every single detail lovingly crafted with consummate skill.
This range can be found at select outlets.

d’oro – jewellery for golden moments

The d’oro collection of gold jewellery stands for solid craftsmanship and high quality materials at amazing prices. This collection is aimed at self-assured women who wish to accentuate their personalities with style.

d’argento – the silver collection

d’argento is a unique collection of silver jewellery, seductive in its fashionable take on craftsmanship. The surface treatment of the precious metal is undertaken with great care to prevent the silver tarnishing. This procedure guarantees the lustrous quality, purity and authenticity of our jewellery.


To complement our own collections, we hold a large selection of well-known jewellery brands.

It goes without saying that aficionados of antique jewellery and collector's items will be able to choose from an attractive selection of singular, previously privately owned items. We offer you the opportunity to acquire high quality jewellery, some of it second-hand, at particularly favourable prices.