Ascan Lutteroth - Buy or sell works

5 October 1842, Hamburg (Germany) - 2 February 1923, Hamburg (Germany)

Ascan Lutteroth, who was to become one of the best-known Hamburg landscape painters of his time, initially trained in Geneva and Düsseldorf. Afterwards, he travelled to Italy, dwelling primarily on Capri. In 1877 he returned to his native Hamburg and became a teacher to Crown Princess Victoria. He was awarded the title of Professor by Wilhelm II in 1890.
His oeuvre is characterised by depictions of Italian landscapes and forest scenes from the region surrounding Hamburg, mostly with sparse figural staffage. Especially long-lasting in Lutterorth’s works was the influence of his teacher, Oswald Achenbach. However, Lutteroth placed greater emphasis on the quiet and soothing nature of his landscapes.