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Carlo Fornara - Buy or sell works

21 October 1871, Prestinone (Italy) - 15 September 1968, Craveggia (Italy)

Fornara studied under Enrico Cavalli (1849-1919) from 1884 to 1891, who had a major influence on his work.
In 1898, he joined Alberto Grubicy’s group of artists, which gave him financial stability and led to him being associated with Divisionist artists such as Segantini, Previati and Nomellini.
Divisionism became the leading avant-garde movement in Italy in the 1890s. Based on the use of pure unmixed pigments, it produced works of remarkable precision suffused with natural light.
Fornara quickly gained international notoriety and, with the help of his dealer Alberto Grubicy, became a highly successful artist. He always remained faithful to Divisionism until his death in 1968.