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Julius von Blaas - Buy or sell works

22 August 1845, Albano Laziale (Italy) - 1 August 1922, Bad Hall (Austria)

Julius von Blaas was the son of the well-known Austrian historical and genre painter Carl von Blaas and younger brother of Eugen von Blaas. Like his father, he was famous for his historical paintings and battle depictions, as well as his genre paintings and equestrian representations. Portraiture was also part of his diverse artistic oeuvre.

Julius von Blaas came to painting via his father Carl and received his first artistic training at his workshop in Venice. Study trips to Florence and Rome followed first, then study at the Academy in Vienna.

Like his father, Julius von Blaas received many commissions from the Austrian Imperial Family. Julius created nearly 50 portrait paintings on commission by the Viennese court. He painted numerous equestrian portraits of the Emperor himself, but also of his wife, Empress Elisabeth. But as a convinced naturalist, he was also very interested in genre scenes of the life of the ordinary people. His works are today considered as relevant documents from the times of the Austrian Empire.

In 1888, Julius von Blaas received the Archduke Carl-Ludwig Medal. Already much earlier, from 1869 onwards, he was also a member of the Vienna Künstlerhaus. One year after his death, the Vienna Künstlerhaus organised a memorial exhibition. Like his brother Eugene, Julius von Blaas taught at the Vienna Academy.

Many of the artist's works are part of government-owned collections, such as the 1888 painting 'Feinderkundung' (English: enemy reconnaissance) in the Austrian Gallery of the Belvedere Museum, the 1907 work 'Gefecht dalmatinischer Landesschützen bei Livno' (English: the battle of the Dalmatian riflemen at Livno)” at the Military History Museum in Vienna or the piece 'Morgendliche Reitübung der Lipizzaner in der Winterreitschule' (English: the morning riding exercises of the Lipizzaners at the Spanish Court Riding School).

Dorotheum auctioned works of all members of this family of artists, including numerous ones by Julius von Blaas, at a special 2011 auction held at Tannenmühle Castle, the Von Blaas family residence.