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25 August 1850, Bad Radkersburg (Austria) - 31 March 1940, Vienna (Austria)

Marie Egner is one of Austria's most important female painters of the turn of the 20th century. A particular focus of her work is on landscape and flower painting.

Marie Egner completed her artistic training in Graz and later in Düsseldorf. After moving to Vienna with her mother, she studied under Emil Jakob Schindler, as did the era's other two most important women painters, Tina Blau and Olga Wisinger-Florian. Egner is thus part of the circle of Austrian Stimmungsimpressionisten (English: 'Impressionists of mood') to which Blau and Wisinger-Florian as well as Carl Moll and August von Pettenkofen belonged. The circle spent summers together at the Plankenberg Castle in Lower Austria. Their painting style typically consists of outdoor scenes, with the term describing a style between 1870 and 1900 that was inspired by French plein air painting.

Egner’s work was exhibited in Austria at such venues as the Vienna Künstlerhaus as well as in Germany and England during her lifetime. She was a member of the Association of Women Artists, an artists' group whose purpose included organising exhibitions and helping women artists gain independence and autonomy in a highly male-dominated art world.