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Otto Rudolf Schatz - Buy or sell works

18 January 1900, Vienna (Austria) - 26 April 1961, Vienna (Austria)

The painter, graphic designer, book illustrator and stage designer Otto Rudolf Schatz is regarded as one of the most significant Austrian artists of the ‘Neue Sachlichkeit’ movement.

Born on 18 January 1900 in Vienna, Schatz studied with Oskar Strnad and Anton von Kenner at the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts.

In the 1920s he worked as a freelance artist and illustrator for various publishing houses, mainly using woodcut techniques.

In 1925 he was awarded the Grand Austrian State Prize. In subsequent years he became a member of numerous artistic associations, such as the Kunstschau, Hagenbund and Vienna Secession. At the beginning of his artistic career Schatz was still closely associated with Expressionism, before he turned his attention to large-scale canvasses and devoted himself to the Neue Sachlichkeit genre. Featured as part of Hagenbund and Neue Galerie exhibitions, his pictures of New York finally enabled him to break into the international art scene. When Austria was annexed to Nazi Germany in 1938 and, as a consequence, Schatz was forbidden to work, he felt compelled to leave his homeland and move to Brno. During this period, Schatz concentrated on the production of miniatures. After the end of the war and liberation by Soviet troops, he returned to Vienna where, with the support of the City Councillor for Culture, Viktor Mateja, he successfully resumed his artistic career. Now, however, he devoted himself principally to realism. Schatz died in Vienna in 1961.

Works by Otto Rudolf Schatz have enjoyed success at Dorotheum auctions for many years. On 21 November 2017, his painting ‘New York’ was auctioned in Linz for €28,750.