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Spring auctions at Dorotheum: Classic and Contemporary Week in June

Dorotheum’s two major international auction weeks will both take place in June. From 2 to 8 June 2021, Old Masters, 19th century paintings and works of art will be on display. Important Caravaggisti are represented as well as paintings by Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, Jakob Schikaneder and Konstantin Aivazovsky.

From 22 to 24 June 2021, Modern Art and Contemporary Art will take centre stage. A version of Albin Egger-Lienz’s famous anti-war painting “Der Totentanz” (Dance Macabre) and works by Czech Cubists are part of the offer, as are works by Imi Knoebel, Heinz Mack, Carla Accardi, Andy Warhol, Emilio Vedova, Franz West and many others.

Also in June: autographs - including a Wagner collection -, and classic cars, for example a Porsche 911 E, built in 1971, with an exciting history.

The month of May offers, among other things, online auctions of design objects and Imperial court memorabilia. July features our major Art Nouveau auction with an armchair from the studio of Gustav Klimt, designed by Josef Hoffmann.

A selection of auction dates May to July 2021


10 May 2021, 3 pm
Imperial Court Memorabilia 20 May 2021, 2 pm
Classic Week
Works of Art
19th Century Paintings
Old Master Paintings

2 June 2021, 2 pm
7 June 2021, 4 pm
8 June 2021, 4 pm

Autographs 9 June 2021, 10 am

Contemporary Week
Modern Art
Contemporary Art I
Contemporary Art II
Wrist and Pocket Watchesn

22 June 2021, 4 pm
23 June 2021, 4 pm
24 June 2021, 4 pm
23 June 2021, 1 pm
25 June 2021, 1 pm

Classic Cars

26 June 2021, 3 pm


29 June 2021, 2 pm

Jugendstil and 20th Century Arts and Crafts

7 July 2021


Palais Dorotheum, 1010 Vienna, Dorotheergasse 17


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