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Orange Season

Successful Dorotheum Auction of "Contemporary Art"

Anticipation for a particularly attractive selection of German and Italian art at theContemporary Art auction on 25th had filled the auction hall at the Vienna Dorotheum to completion. The catalogue's title lot, a museum quality, three dimensional object by Agostino Bonalumi with the title „Arancione“ (Orange) became a resounding success as it was sold to a telephone bidder for 202.800 Euro (Cat. No. 1001); an embroidered image by Alighiero Boetti likewise sold for remarkable 79.600 Euro (Cat. No. 1003).

Several bronze versions of the alter ego of the painter Jörg Immendorf, the ape, went to two separate European bidders: a series of 18 figures for 200.750 Euro, another 2,30 m tall ape, titled „Malerstamm Jörg“, for 122.300 Euro (Cat. No. 1114, 1069). Additional noteworthy results included the 1970 nail object  „Reihung“ by Zero star Günther Uecker (€ 133.800, Cat. No. 1004) and the „Die Ungeborenen“ photo-collage by Anselm Kiefer (The Unborn, € 110.100, Cat. No. 1051).

Austrian art was also in great demand, in particular an Arnulf Rainer Cross (€ 126.830, Cat. No. 1016) and Erwin Wurm's somewhat bent boat  „Misconceivable“ (€ 46.660, Cat. No. 1047).

Following the successful sale of two paintings by Kolo Moser at the modern art auction, another work by this universally gifted artist became the art nouveau auction's most highly appreciated lot. Designed by Moser in 1903 and made by "Wiener Werkstätte", the silver-plated ink well reached 63.740 Euro (Cat. No. 759). A double head, designed in 1929 by the Austrian ceramics artist Gudrun Baudisch and likewise manufactured by "Wiener Werkstätte" sold for € 32.020. (Cat. No. 614). 

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