Sisi Museum wins €75,000 bid for Empress Elisabeth’s silk ankle boots at Dorotheum.

Empress Sisi Reigns Supreme
€75,000 was the winning bid paid at Dorotheum’s Imperial Court Memorabilia sale on 7th May 2015 for a pair of silk ankle boots once belonging to the empress.
Following a heated bidding battle via telephone and during the auction hall itself, the boots were finally sold to the Sisi Museum at the Imperial Palace.

Sold for the same sum, a travel, writing and sewing set given to the empress when she was still a young princess eventually went to a telephone bidder.

An imperial white gold armorial service saw bidding rapidly climb to a final sum of €106,250.

The exceptional lidded bowl commissioned from the Sèvres porcelain manufactory by Emperor Napoleon I. on occasion of the birth of his son, the future Napoleon II., King of Rome, was sold for €87,500, while an excellent Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller portrait of Emperor Franz I. of Austria went to a bidder at the auction hall for €81,250.


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