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The most expensive coin in the world has been sold by auction at the Dorotheum for 3,270,000 euros

Vienna – On 25th June 2010 the largest GOLD coin in the world, a 2007 Canadian $1,000,000 Maple Leaf coin, has been sold at the largest auction house in continental Europe, the Dorotheum, for 3,270,000 euros.

The face value of the coin, which is made of pure gold and weighs 100 kg (999.99/1000 gold) is one million Canadian dollars which corresponds to around 800,000 euros. The high price achieved by the largest gold coin in the world of 3,270,000 euros was largely influenced, as expected, by the currently very high price of gold.

The coin was purchased by ORO DIRECT, the largest precious metal trading company on the Spanish Peninsula (


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