A Viennese Collection

Around 400 works of art from the 17th to 19th centuries transformed the interior of a Viennese villa. For decades, the owners discovered, bought and collected these high-quality works of art. These furnishings, gathered with great passion over decades, will be auctioned off in an online auction by Dorotheum on 23 March 2023.

Among them are high-quality furniture, paintings and works of art. In addition to sculptures, porcelain, silverware, militaria, tabatiers and oriental carpets, there are also some unusual pieces: Among them, a Meissen porcelain snowball flower cup from 1740/45, the outside of which is covered with tiny pink and white porcelain flowers, or a late Baroque cutlery set that can be stored in a leather case. The villa owner's enthusiasm for the individual objects in the collection is evident not only in the meticulous presentation, but also in the great care with which they have been maintained and restored. Future owners can therefore expect works that are in the best condition.

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