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A “Berserk’ chair / side table, Barberini & Gunnell”,
Lot No. 49 
A “Berserk’ chair / side table, Barberini & Gunnell”,
  • A “Berserk’ chair / side table, Barberini & Gunnell”,
  • A “Berserk’ chair / side table, Barberini & Gunnell”,
  • A “Berserk’ chair / side table, Barberini & Gunnell”,
  • A “Berserk’ chair / side table, Barberini & Gunnell”,

A “Berserk’ chair / side table, Barberini & Gunnell”,

Italy, 2009, polished stainless steel AISI 316, the seat covered with white coloured leather, incised signature and numbered: Barberini & Gunnell/ AP 2, height 82 cm, width 56 cm, depth 50 cm. (DRAX)

Author’s piece No. 2 from the limited edition of 20 + 2AP + 1 prototype. Handmade. With a certificate.

Lit.: AD Italia, 4/2012 – Schöner Wohnen, 4/2012 – Interior Design, New York, 10/2012 – Architettura & Design, 2/2013 – Look Decor, Lebanon, 2/2013 – Hi Home, Russia, 5/2013 – Miami Home & Decor, 7/2013.

“A chair produced from a thin foil of stainless steel, bent, stencilled, and soldered to the supporting structure by hand. The inspiration for it came from the forming and folding of a plain carton box. The ambition and the challenge of this project were to simulate the lightness of folded paper and lent it volume and robustness without giving up the soft curvature. This became possible by taking optimal advantage of the qualities of stainless steel: tensile strength, elasticity, and solidity. The pattern of the leather cushion is reminiscent of a zoomorphic form, a living organism, be it animal or plant, which winds around the chair like a parasite or as if entering into a symbiosis with it, forming a contrast to the coldness and hardness of the material. One can easily imagine leaving the room and seeing that the chair has completely been overgrown by this parasitic organism, which has gained the upper hand over the hart metal, when coming back later. When the chair is tilted forward, it turns into a side table offering room for books.” (Barberini & Gunnell)

Esperta: Dr. Gerti Draxler

A “Berserk’ chair / side table, Barberini & Gunnell”,
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