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A “Golem” Chaise Longue, Barberini & Gunnell,
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A “Golem” Chaise Longue, Barberini & Gunnell,
  • A “Golem” Chaise Longue, Barberini & Gunnell,
  • A “Golem” Chaise Longue, Barberini & Gunnell,
  • A “Golem” Chaise Longue, Barberini & Gunnell,
  • A “Golem” Chaise Longue, Barberini & Gunnell,

A “Golem” Chaise Longue, Barberini & Gunnell,

Italy, 2014/2017, high-gloss polished stainless steel, manually incised signature: Golem 1/6 – barberini & gunnel, height approx. 76 cm, width approx. 106 cm, depth approx. 201 cm. (DRAX)

Video: "Golem" Chaise Longue

First example from the planned edition of 6 + 2 A. P
With certificate of authenticity

“The inspiration for this sculptural chaise longue comes from our fascination with the history of the Golem, first and foremost from the legend of the Golem of Prague: it is the name for a figure in Jewish literature and mysticism, a mute, human-like creature that is frequently huge, has a lot of strength and acts upon commands. “Golem” is a Hebrew term that denominates a “formless mass” and also an “embryo”. In modern Hebrew, the word also means “dumb” or “helpless”. In the rabbinic tradition, everything unfinished is referred to as a “golem”. The first written document of the Golem’s legend dates from the twelfth century. In the Talmud, the creation of Adam is described along these lines, who is said to have been made from a formless lump like a golem. Similarly, all golems are described as having been moulded from clay as creations by those who are considered particularly holy, for due to their proximity to God they have been endowed with His wisdom and powers. Nevertheless, the creation of a golem was inferior to God’s Creation: golems are generally described as being incapable of speech. As the creation of a golem was therefore regarded as a sign of great learnedness and wisdom, in the Middle Ages golems were attributed to Jewish scholars and rabbis. That Prague was increasingly seen as the site at which the Golem legend was set seems to have several reasons: in the Late Middle Ages, it was home to Europe’s most important Jewish community as it boasted numerous scholars.”
(Barberini & Gunnell)

A “Golem” Chaise Longue, Barberini & Gunnell,
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Design First
Data: 20.06.2017, 17:00
Luogo dell'asta: Palais Dorotheum Vienna
Esposizione: 10.06. - 20.06.2017

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