Importanti risultati d’asta - Arte asiatica

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A fire-gilt bronze figure of Buddha Amithaba, China, Ming Dynasty
€ 271.400,-
A rare set of eight lapis lazuli plaques, China, Qing dynasty, late 18th/19th century
€ 268.700,-
56 divinities, Pancaraksa Devi mandala, Ngor monastery, Tibet
€ 222.600,-
A fire-gilt bronze figure of Vairocana, Nepal, 18th/19th century
€ 186.000,-
A blue-and-white dish, China, Ming Dynasty, Yongle Period porcelain
€ 100.000,-
A rare eight-lobed carved cinnabar lacquer dish depicting a lakeside scene with geese
€ 75.000,-
A paperweight carved of celadon jade, China, Qing dynasty, late 18th/early 19th century
€ 73.500,-
Maitreya, Kashmir, 8th-11th century
€ 56.250,-
A celadon jade table screen finely carved
€ 50.000,-
A large figure of Guanyin, China, Qing Dynasty
€ 45.000,-
The 62-times Mandala of Yidam Cakrasamvara, Nepal 18th/19th century
€ 35.000,-