Importanti risultati d’asta - Strumenti scientifici d'epoca e globi

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A Ptolemaic armillary sphere by Christian Carl Schindler ca. 1680-1716
€ 306.000,-
Library Globe, Berlin 1871
€ 96.000,-
Unusually large Library Globe Splendid Frame, Berlin 1871
€ 62.500,-
A finely executed, near contemporary 19th century engineer-built working live steam Model of a mid 19th century Locomotive 2–2–2 with tender
€ 55.200,-
A Terrestrial and a Celestial Globe, a pair of Globes by Louis Charles Desnos
€ 51.540,-
Anatomical ivory model of a pregnant woman
€ 41.500,-
An important 17th century South German Pharmacy
€ 39.340,-
A rare Mitscherlich type Goniometer signed “M. Meyerstein Göttingen”
€ 36.900,-
An important set of four Italian Fratelli Ubicini Globes, a terrestrial and celestial, a Ptolemaic armillary sphere and a planetarium
€ 36.900,-
Pomander, 17th century, gilded silver
€ 34.200,-
The Navicula de Venetiis or “little-ship-of-Venice”, a medieval Sundial, probably Italian circa 1500
€ 27.500,-
A rare celestial Globe by Matthäus Seutter
€ 26.840,-
€ 24.700,-
A rare 17th century, probably artillersitic gilt brass measuring instrument
€ 22.260,-
€ 18.000,-
A brass mounted ivory pillar travelling Barometer London by Daniel Quare, c. 1700
€ 37.500,-