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Alfons Walde - vendere e comprare opere

Born in 1891 in Oberndorf; passed away 1958 in Kitzbuhel

Even as a student at secondary school in Innsbruck, Alfons Walde revealed his nascent artistic ambitions by producing watercolours and tempera paintings. He studied at TU Wien from 1910–1914, exhibiting with the Vienna Secession and elsewhere. Walde joined the Austrian Kaiserschützen regiment as a one-year volunteer in 1914, rising to the rank of petty officer. He was awarded several medals for his bravery during the First World War.

Walde returned to Kitzbuhel at the end of 1918, where his father was a school director and his family had lived since 1892. While there, he forged a friendship with the Viennese proletariat poet Alfons Petzold, who had also settled in the city.

His first post-war exhibition was 1920 in Vienna. He won first and second prize in a competition organised by the Tyrolean Office of Transport in 1924. He exhibited at the Biennale Romana in Rome 1925, and was also awarded the Julius Reich Artist Fellowship. Founding his own art publishing company in 1923, Alfons Walde used his paintings to manufacture posters, postcards and prints, which became familiar motifs in broad sections of society.

Walde focused his work on architectural projects from 1946 onward, and in 1956 he was awarded a professorship.