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Giselbert Hoke - vendere e comprare opere

12 September 1927, Warnsdorf (Bohemia) - 18 April 2015, Klagenfurt (Austria)

Giselbert Hoke was an Austrian visual artist whose comprehensive oeuvre covers lithographs, frescos, glass painting, enamelled walls, watercolours and tapestries.

Born in Warnsdorf in 1927, Hoke suffered tragic loss during the Second World War - his brother was killed and Hoke himself had to have his right arm amputated. He joined Vienna’s Academy of Fine Arts in 1946, where he was taught by Robin Christian Andersen and Herbert Boeckl. His joy at winning first place in the artistic competition to design the fresco for Klagenfurt’s Central Train Station was deflated when its completion in 1956 triggered a wave of protests across the entire region. Prior to this, the artist had spent a year in Paris thanks to a scholarship, and married the daughter of the south Tyrolean painter Rudolf Stolz. After a few years in Vienna, Hoke purchased Saager Castle in Carinthia in 1962, which he restored over the next few years and expanded into a “workshop house”. This offered space for the artist to create his various works.
After his first exhibition of paintings at Galerie 61 in Klagenfurt, numerous shows in Austria and abroad followed over the next few decades.
In addition to his work as an artist, Hoke embarked on an academic career, initially as a Professor for Artistic Design at the Architecture Faculty of the Technical University of Graz. He established the Institute for Artistic Design at Rein Abbey, and led the Institute for twenty years.
As the connection between architecture, space and artistic design was close to the artist’s heart, Hoke designed several ensembles in the public sphere, including with frescos, glass windows and enamelled walls. In his studio, by contrast, he preferred to create images inspired by female models.
From the 1990s onwards, landscapes increasingly became the subject of his images, inspired by his numerous trips around the globe. In particular, Hoke also attracted renown for his abstract cycle “Nada”.
He died in 2015 at the age of 87.

Works by Giselbert Hoke have enjoyed success at Dorotheum auctions for many years. On 1 June 2017, his oil painting “Liegende Frau” sold for € 13,750.