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Thomas Ender - vendere e comprare opere

3 November 1793, Vienna (Austria) - 28 September 1875, Vienna (Austria)

The Austrian artist Thomas Ender numbers among the leading exponents of nineteenth-century landscape painting. His works combine artistic mastery with a topographical interest, in line with the spirit of his time and the ambition to scientifically document the world and nature.

In 1806, Thomas Ender and his twin brother, the history painter Johann Nepomuk Ender, enrolled at the Vienna Academy. Thomas first studied history painting under Hubert Maurer and then, under the impression of the works of Claude Lorrain and Jakob Ruysdael, switched to the landscape class led by Joseph Mößmer and Franz Steinfeld.
In 1817, Ender won the Grand Prix of landscape painting. Prince Metternich became his most important patron. Participating in an Austrian expedition to Brazil, Ender produced as many as 700 drawings and watercolours. In 1823, Thomas Ender sojourned in Rome and Italy over a lengthy period of time; on the emperor’s behalf, he documented the landscape of the Salzkammergut and in 1826 travelled to Paris. A chamber painter to Archduke Johann, he undertook journeys to the Orient, Southern Russia, and Greece. Between 1837 and 1851, Ender was a professor at the Vienna Academy.

Ender’s meticulous and topographically accurate landscape descriptions and his detailed depictions of nature and light conditions also made their way into such important albums as ‘Wundermappe der Donau’ (1841) and ‘Das pittoreske Österreich’ (c. 1850).

The artist’s works had a profound impact on the Austrian writer Adalbert Stifter, an equally important literary exponent of detailed descriptions of nature.