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13 November 1891, Graz (Austria) - 30 November 1978, Graz (Austria)

Norbertine Bresslern-Roth was an Austrian painter, printmaker and book illustrator. Alongside her male colleagues, Carl Fahringer and Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel, she is considered to be one of Austria’s best animal painters.

Born in 1891 in Graz, her artistic talent was apparent in her childhood. On the advice of her then teacher, she went on to study at the Graz Landeskunstschule art school under Alfred Schrötter von Kristelli. During the summer months of 1909 and 1910, he sent her to the animal art school in Dachau under the tuition of Hans von Hayek. As a result, she was able to secure private tuition in Vienna at the Academy of Fine arts under Ferdinand Schmutzer. It was here that she met her future husband, Georg Ritter von Bresslern und Sternau, whom she married in 1919 after returning to her home city. He was a great supporter of her work and helped her to develop her career. In the same year, she became a member of the "Werkbundes Freiland" group, which, under Fritz Silberbauer, was also engaged in the promotion of female artists. Bresslern-Roth was able to train her precise gift for observation at home and in the garden.

From 1920, she became a pioneer of the linocut process - a technique that was then still in its infancy and which she perfected over the years. Aside from her animal paintings, she made a name for herself as an illustrator for school and children's books. She also produced tapestry and ivory miniatures. She rapidly achieved success with her artworks, her pictures sold well and her exhibitions at home and abroad were always very well attended. In 1928, she took a study-trip to North Africa. The sketches, photographs, watercolours and gouache paintings she created there served as a source of inspiration for her future artworks.

Bresslern-Roth was awarded numerous prizes, including the Austrian State Prize in 1936. Regular visits to European zoos, circus performances and Völkerschauen (eng. “human zoos”) provided the artist with a source of inspiration. She was also associated with the Joanneum state museum through her many years of collaboration and countless donations. In 2016, the Neue Galerie Graz dedicated a major exhibition to her.

Bresslern-Roth's works have appeared regularly in Dorotheum auctions and enjoy constant and great popularity.