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Carl Ernst Koerner - Buy or sell works

3 November 1846, Malbork (Poland) - 30 July 1927, Berlin (Germany)

Carl Ernst Koerner completed his artistic training in Berlin. He specialised in landscape painting, with frequent travel being a helpful tool for the development of his themes. He took part in the Berliner Kunstausstellung on a regular basis from 1864 onwards, with his first study trips to Northern France and the Baltic Sea taking place in 1868. In 1869, 1871, 1874 and 1876, he travelled to Italy, where Capri was his preferred destination. In 1872, he journeyed to England and Scotland. His interaction with Egyptian art and the world of Islam, which he came across in 1873 on his first trip to the Orient, had a substantial impact on his artistic work. He explored additional areas of the Arab peninsula as part of three further extended voyages - 1878, 1887 and 1905 - which took him to Egypt, Syria, Palestine and Constantinople.
In 1882, he observed and studied the association between European art and Islamic art at the Alhambra in Spain.
His numerous awards and nominations are testament to the contemporary appreciation which the painter enjoyed. He is among the representatives of the oriental fashion in 19th-century painting, which sought to depict the exotic in great detail and bring oriental customs and practice into the image itself. One key attribute of his work is how it captures an impression of nature, which he reproduces using highly refined technique.